Praying Beatitude #4 (Righteousness) Over Our Children

Take this 1-minute parent prayer break today to pray for your children and grandchildren, and then share the prayer with someone else. Blessings!

Following the Father

Sometimes it seems like children are always hungry, and not always for what is good for them.  Most would choose donuts and dessert over vegetables.  Today we do not pray about their food choices, but about their life choices.  We will pray they have appetites for character and wisdom rather than carnality.  Join me in praying Jesus’ fourth beatitude over our children and grandchildren.

hungry wordsMatthew 5:6

God blesses those who hunger and thirst for justice (righteousness), for they will be satisfied.

Hungering and thirsting are such natural parts of who we are, Father.  Physiologically, we cannot live without food and water.  The longer we go without food or water, the more ardently we crave them.  Our stomachs growl and groan protesting their emptiness.

In the same way, may our children and grandchildren hunger and thirst for your righteousness.  When they pursue unrighteousness, let it leave them feeling empty and unsatisfied…

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