Praying Beatitude #5 Over our Children: MERCY

Another 1-minute prayer break for our children and grandchildren. Take a moment to pray it out loud over yours and then pass it along to some other parents and grandparents. Have a great day!

Following the Father

In the fifth beatitude, Jesus pronounces a blessing upon those who are merciful, explaining that those who show mercy will be shown mercy by God.  Pray this beatitude with me today over our children and grandchildren.

merciful beatitude

Matthew 5:7  “God blesses those who are merciful, for they will be shown mercy.”

Father, you have shown us such great mercy.  You have not treated us as our sins deserve.  In spite of our unworthiness, you have shown us favor and grace.  Thank you!

I pray today that our children and grandchildren will come to know your extravagant mercy in the way that we have.  As they experience that mercy for themselves, may they extend that same mercy to others who also do not deserve it.

Throughout their lives, they will be hurt, abused and offended by many.  Some of the wrongs will be intentional, and others accidental.  May they not hold onto…

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