Keys to Success for Teens (and All Ages) — R. Loescher

Key for Success — At Home,

at School, at Work and with Friends

  1. Always show respect to others with your words and actions.
  2. Always tell the truth.
  3. Be where you are supposed to be at the right time.
  4. Always be a person of your word…doing the good you say you are going to do and following through on your commitments.
  5. Take care of all that God has given us…clothes, house, friends, school, family, etc.
  6. Take care of your responsibilities and go the extra mile when possible.
  7. Always take personal responsibility for your attitude and actions.
  8. Fill your heart and mind with what is good…music, TV, movies, conversation, etc.
  9. Always look for the positive and what you can be thankful for, even in difficult situations.
  10. Always let the beauty of your character match or surpass your outward beauty.
  11. Make wise choices that think through consequences and demonstrate character.
  12. Surrender fully to God and learn to love him with all your heart.

These are Twelve Keys for Success that we try to instill within our children.  Two of our daughters recently committed all twelve to memory.  Our five year old will be next!

Randy Loescher

One response to “Keys to Success for Teens (and All Ages) — R. Loescher

  1. I have been a college chaplain for eight years in eastern NIgeria and when it occurred to me to share with my congregation, success keys for teenagers. I pen down seven ‘Bees’ ; be born again, be honest, be humble, be loving, be focus, be studious, and be conscious of Christ return. The simple, but thoughtful ways you presented yours is better for the audience inview. I am going to adopt it for the church and my family. Thank you for the job well down.

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