Whenever we travel, my mother-in-law always says, "Jesus' angels about you."

As the owner of 4 dogs, I wish this were possible!

One of my favorite pastimes with my children….click here

It’s a great cartoon with lots of fun clean adult humor worked in for parents just like me.  The show’s creators must have a blast making these episodes!  I honestly laugh out loud when I watch this.  My five-year-old can do a pretty good voice imitation of Doofenschmirtz.

If God’s Not Done with You, He’s Not Done with You…

From a relative…Thanks Aunt Becky!

Look carefully at the first photo and read the caption.  Then look at the second photo.

Look at the picture and you can see where this driver broke through the guardrail, on the right side of the culvert, where the people are standing on the road, pointing.

The pick-up was traveling about 75 mph from right to left when it crashed through the guardrail.

It flipped end-over-end bounced off and across the culvert outlet, and landed right side up on the left side of the culvert, facing the opposite direction from which the driver was traveling.

The 22-year-old driver and his 18-year-old passenger were unhurt except for minor cuts and bruises.

Just outside Flagstaff , AZ , on U.S. Hwy 100.


Now look at the second picture…

If God isn’t done with you, God isn’t done with you….

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