Praying Beatitude #3 (Meekness) Over Our Children

Humility is the mother of giants! — Join me in praying this 2-minute prayer over our children and grandchildren today.

Following the Father

humility mother of giantsToday’s prayer asks God to help our children and grandchildren overcome selfishness, self-interest and self-promotion with Godlike humility and meekness.  True humility is not passive and retreating.  Meekness empowers individuals with a quiet confidence that allows them to trust God in all things and stand up for what is right regardless of who is watching and who is pressuring.  So let’s pray…

5 God blesses those who are humble (meek), for they will inherit the whole earth.

Now Father, I pray that the lives of my children and grandchildren would be exemplified by humility and meekness.  May they be loving, gentle and kind.  May they lay aside selfishness and self-promotion in order to bless and encourage others.  May they replace attention-seeking for God-seeking. 

May they brag not about themselves, but about you and what you are doing in their lives.  Rather than pursuing their own self-interest, help them to honor and…

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