Power Post

“With God’s help we will do mighty things!” (Psalm 60:12a)

Now if that doesn’t encourage you today, nothing will!

As you meditate on this verse today, ask yourself these questions:

Am I thinking about this verse in terms of my own personal agenda, or in terms of God’s agenda for my life and world today?

What is God’s agenda for my life, my family, my workplace and my world today?

Lord, thank you for the promise that I can do all things through you, for you give me strength.  Thank you that with you, all things are possible.  Please help me be in tune with your agenda.  Help me not to be preoccupied with my own life all the time.  Give me eyes to see what is important to you, to see where you are already at work, and to join you in the process.  Amen!

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