Dare to GROW: Make RR #1 Personal

Dare to GROW:  Make RR #1 Personal

Read the God’s Wish List for 2011: RR #1 Post.

Now, respond to God’s invitation to recalibrate.  Repent and return.  Use the following to make it personal.

1.  Think about how you use your time, money and resources.  What do these reveal about God’s place in your life?  On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being hot and 1 being lukewarm, how would you rate your present relationship with God ?  How would God rate it if he were to write you a letter like he did to the churches of Revelation?

2.  Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you areas of sinfulness in your life that the Father wants to deal with at this time.  List them.  These may include more than just behaviors.  They may include attitudes and ungodly desires in your heart.

3.  Now pray.  Make it personal by addressing the areas the Holy Spirit brought to your mind.

Lord, I say “yes” to your invitation to repent and return to you.  Here I am!  I repent of my spiritual ambivalence and lukewarmness.  I repent of my propensity toward greed and materialism.   I repent of my spiritual pride and intellectual pride. I repent of addiction to ____________________.  I repent of _____________________….

Thank you for covering my sin with the blood of Jesus.  Thank you for taking upon yourself the penalty for my sin, the penalty I deserve.  Thank you for your forgiveness and mercy.  I receive your forgiveness, knowing that there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus (Rom. 8:1).

I now run from the world’s kingdom and I run to you and your kingdom.  Change me.  Transform me.  I choose you as my first love.  May there be a fire in my heart that burns for you.  May my love for you be so deep and strong that sin and temptation hold little appeal.  Do your work in me, I pray.

Thank you, Father!  Amen.

Coming Soon

Watch for the next article/post on God’s second wish for 2011, Recalibration Requirement #2: Release and Restore.

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