God’s Wish List for 2011 — Introduction

God’s Wish List for 2011

With five children, I need an app for my phone that will keep track of birthday and Christmas wish lists.  Of course, some are easy to remember.  I have a teenage daughter for whom make-up, shoes and clothes are always most wanted.  My five year old sees items almost every day that he “must have.”

Have you ever wondered if God has a wish list?  I believe he does.  While praying Thursday, January 27, 2011 at about 11:00pm, the Lord dropped into my mind seven wishes that are in his heart for this year.  Before I share these, please know that I do not believe this list to be comprehensive, nor do I think the wishes apply to just this year.  In reality.  God has many more than these seven items in his heart.  Additionally, these desires have a timeless quality.

God’s Wish List for 2011 could be titled “Recalibration Requirements.”  We become so easily distracted in our Christian lives by the stuff of every day life that we can forget who we really are…sons and daughters of God created in his image.  Through this wish list, God invites us to recalibrate our lives around him, the one in whom we live and move and have our being.  He longs for us to know him and to comprehend the extent to which we are known by him.  At the core, God burns with a desire to be intimate with us.  These points of recalibration make that intimacy possible.

This will be the first in a series of seven articles on God’s wish list for 2011.  I hope that you respond positively to the loving invitations God makes in these “Recalibration Requirements.”   At the end of each article you will be given the opportunity to make God’s invitation personal and be discipled. So grow with me as we work through these seven recalibration requirements.  I pray that each article/post will help you grow deeper in your walk with the Father and increase the maturity of your discipleship walk.

Go now to Recalibration Requirement (God’s Wish) #1….

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