Knock, Knock!

Blind Bartimaeus didn’t have much class, but he did have persistence and determination.  People tried to shut him up, but they couldn’t because he really wanted a touch from Jesus.

He wasn’t discouraged because no one led him to Jesus.  He wasn’t discouraged by those who told him to stay away.

“Take the gates of heaven and shake them with thy vehemence, as though thou wouldst pull them up post and bar and all.  Stand at Mercy’s door, and take no denial.  Knock, and knock, and knock again, as though thou wouldst shake the very spheres, but what thou wouldst obtain an answer to they cries.  ‘The kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.’  Cold prayers never win God’s ear. Draw thy bow with thy full strength, if thou wouldst send thy arrow up so high as heaven.”  (Charles Spurgeon)

Lord, I come to you asking for your mercy.  You don’t owe me anything, so I come to you for mercy.   I need desperately to see your mercy in (name the specific area of your life where you need to see God’s mercy).   Just as Bartimeaus was specific about wanting his sight, have mercy on me by (state again what specifically you are asking of God).  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Amen!

The preceding comments came from David Guzik’s website,  Click here to see his commentary on all of Mark 10.

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