Show Your Fear!

I must admit…I don’t recall noticing these verses before. Perhaps that’s because of the way The New Living Translation paraphrases them.  Nonetheless, they grabbed my attention.  Three times in Leviticus 25, while giving instructions to Moses on Mt. Sinai for the people of Israel, the LORD commands, “Show your fear of God by…” (vv. 17, 23, 43).  (One Year Bible, March 1)

In other words, the way in which we live our lives demonstrates whether or not we truly fear God.  But what does it mean to “fear God”?

Fearing God goes way beyond simply being afraid of his potential punishment for our disobedience.  Fearing God means we live with a constant awareness of his lordship in our lives and over all in our lives.  Fearing God means we reverence him, stand in awe of him and hold him in such high esteem that we evaluate all of our thoughts and actions in light of his holiness.

Lord, may I show my fear of you by the way I live today.  While admittedly I do not relish the idea of receiving your consequences for my disobedience, I do want to live my life in such a way that it demonstrates the reverence, awe, esteem and love I have for you.  Thank you for dealing with the sin factor through Jesus, and thank you for making me a new creation in Christ.  By the power of your Holy Spirit living in me, I will live a life that shows how much I fear and reverence you.  May you be glorified through my life.  Amen.


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