Parents–Join Me in Praying for Our Children This Year!

I’ve begun praying these prayers over my children again. Join me!

Following the Father

Children faces closeup Ever at a loss as to how to pray for your children?  Me too!

Ever feel like you are praying the same prayers for them over and over and over again?  Me too!

Do “yes” answers to the above questions ever cause you to relax your prayers over your children?  Me too!

Yet the spiritual battle for the souls of our children remains constant.  As such, our prayers over and intercession for our children must continue with vigilance.  Remembering why we pray will help us when the above questions threaten our motivation.  So let us review for a moment.

Why pray?

Our parental prayers, birthed out of love, compassion and (at times) a healthy dose of righteous anger, matter.  If the the veil between our physical reality and the spiritual reality were pulled back, our eyes would see the true intensity of the battle being waged by Satan for…

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