Praying Beatitude #7 (PEACEMAKERS) Over Our Children


God is a God of peace, and therefore he blesses those who work for peace.  Peacemakers reflect the character of God to such an extent that this beatitude declares that they will be called “children of God.”  Today we pray Beatitude #7 over our children and grandchildren.

Matthew 5: 9 “God blesses those who work for peace, for they will be called the children of God.”

peacemakers on wrists

Lord, we pray today that our children and grandchildren will be people of peace.  May they walk in peace and make peace.  May the peace on them change the atmosphere of a room when they walk in because you, the Prince of Peace, abide in them. 

When faced with conflict and given the opportunity to escalate a situation, empower them to choose peace.  Enable them to guard their hearts and hold their tongues.  Train them to be quick to listen and slow to get angry.  Teach them how they can be angry and not sin. 

Father, I pray that they would be quick and eager to forgive rather than hold grudges.  When relationships are broken or strained, may they initiate reconciliation whether they are at fault or not.  By your Holy Spirit, empower them to forgive the undeserving and the seemingly unforgivable.

Give them wisdom to know when to “turn the other cheek” and when to express tough love through healthy boundaries. 

May they also be gifted at helping others restore broken relationships. 

May they not participate in stirring up conflict among their peers.  Let them sense your conviction when tempted to gossip, spread rumors and treat others hurtfully.  Keep them from becoming the “mean girls” among their peers.  Show the boys-becoming-men that testosterone-filled trash talk does not promote peace. 

peacemakers jesus quoteInstead, may both use their energy to overcome evil with good, stand up for the oppressed and promote peace.  Help them see that being a peacemaker requires strength of character, problem solving skills, and resolve.  Open their minds to understand that peacemaking is proactive and responsive rather than passive.  

Rather than fearfully retreating when difficulty and conflict arise, may our children and grandchildren rise to the occasions that call for peacemakers.  As they step up to stand in the gap, fill them with the wisdom they need to bring peace. 

Finally, Lord, we pray that their peacemaking activities flow from the peace that fills their hearts, peace that comes only from walking in close fellowship with you.  Thank you!

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