Praying Beatitude #6 (PURITY OF HEART) Over Our Children

Purity of heart babyThis prayer asks God to birth within our children and grandchildren purity of heart and a tender conscience, so that they may see Him in His fullness.  Pray this with me….

8 God blesses those whose hearts are pure, for they will see God.

Thank you, Lord, that our children and grandchildren are covered by the blood of Jesus.  We speak salvation over our household.  We declare that our entire household will be saved, and that each member will enter a personal relationship with you through the blood of Jesus.  Their purity will be one of right standing before you, having your righteousness put into them through the death and resurrection of Jesus. Because of this righteousness that you put on them, they will know you and see you.  

Father, we also ask that you would work in the hearts of our children and grandchildren, enabling them to be responsive to the convicting work of your Holy Spirit.  May they accept the work of Jesus on their behalf for themselves.  May they receive that eternal salvation. 

And in response to the righteousness you clothe them with through the blood of Jesus, let their consciences be soft and not seared.  We pray that their appetites would be for what is true, holy, respectful and right.  Set them free from corrupt desires. May they be sincere, authentic and real, laying aside all that is false. 

May they long to be unstained by sin, impurity and wrong motives.  Instead, let their hearts be pure, hungering and thirsting after your righteousness.  May they understand that their sinful nature has died and that they can now live out of their new nature fashioned after Jesus. 

Purity of heart, Lord.  We speak purity of heart over our children.  And may they see you.  May they know you.  May they hunger and thirst for you.  May they come to experience you as their “Abba, Father,” while at the same time walking in the fear of the Lord.  Enable them to practice your presence and be carriers of your presence.  Let it be, Lord.  Let it be!

purity b-w old kid photo

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