Praying for Our Children: Wisdom, Understanding, Insight and Integrity

wisdom path in treesToday, we pray that our children and grandchildren walk in wisdom, understanding, insight and integrity.  Pray this over your children with me.

Proverbs 2

2 Tune your ears to wisdom, and concentrate on understanding. 3 Cry out for insight, and ask for understanding. 4 Search for them as you would for silver; seek them like hidden treasures. 5 Then you will understand what it means to fear the LORD, and you will gain knowledge of God.

O Father, give my children ears to hear…my children and my grandchildren.  May their ears tune in to wisdom and understanding.  May their hearts cry out for insight, wisdom and understanding.  May these have greater appeal to them than popularity, acceptance, material gain or sinful ways.  More than they hunger for these, may they pursue wisdom, insight and understanding.  May they thirst for them more than soda.  May they hunger for them more than pizza.  May they long for them more than for drugs, alcohol and sin. 

Father, O Father, how I want them to fear you and walk in the knowledge of you, and of your great love for them.  May everything else seem empty by comparison.

6 For the LORD grants wisdom!  From his mouth come knowledge and understanding. 7 He grants a treasure of common sense to the honest.  He is a shield to those who walk with integrity. 8 He guards the paths of the just and protects those who are faithful to him.

And this is why, Lord.  We earnestly desire that they receive the wisdom you want to give them.  We want them to gain your knowledge and understanding.  We do not want them to have to suffer the pain of walking in the paths of sin, foolishness and selfishness. 

May they walk in honesty and integrity, that they may receive your treasure of common sense and experience what it means to have you as their shield.  O Father, call them to a life of honor and faithfulness to you.  Guard their paths.  Direct their steps.  May they be just and full of character. 

9 Then you will understand what is right, just, and fair, and you will find the right way to go. 10 For wisdom will enter your heart, and knowledge will fill you with joy. 11 Wise choices will watch over you.  Understanding will keep you safe. 12 Wisdom will save you from evil people, from those whose words are twisted. 13 These men turn from the right way to walk down dark paths.

Teach them, Father, to understand what is right, just and fair, and to walk in paths of righteousness and godliness.  I thank you that wisdom fills their hearts and knowledge fills them with joy.  I thank you that they make wise choices and experience the safety of walking in your ways. 

May they not have to learn everything the hard way.  May they gain their wisdom by watching and learning from others, by listening to you and your Word.  Let your wisdom in them save them from the wrong influences of evil people who want to lead them astray.  May they discern the wickedness of those whose words are twisted.  I thank you that they will not walk with the wicked and foolish down the dark paths, but that they will choose the right way. 

Father, I speak and pray wisdom over my children and grandchildren today.  I speak and pray understanding over them.  I speak and pray knowledge of you and your Word over them today.  I decree that every step they take down a path of wickedness and/or foolishness will be filled with your Holy Spirit’s conviction and divine discontent.  May there be no satisfaction in the ways of the unrighteous. 

May our children and grandchildren be people of wisdom, insight, honesty and integrity.  Thank you, Father.  Thank you!

wisdom letters with scripture in letters

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