Praying Peaceful Sleep Over Us and Our Children

praying for child father sketchEver lie awake at night worrying about your children?  Do they ever lose sleep because of nightmares and anxiety?  That’s the focus of today’s prayer.

Psalm 4:8  “In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, O LORD, will keep me safe.”

Father, just as the psalmist declared that he would lie down and sleep in peace, knowing that you would keep him safe, I will lie down and sleep in peace knowing that you will keep my children safe.  I will not lie awake at night worried about their safety and well-being.  I entrust them to you care.  I will not walk in anxiety and fear about them.  Your love them even more than I do.  I release them to you. 

Not only that, I pray that my children would have this same understanding of your goodness.  May they trust you, knowing that you watch over them and protect them.  May they sleep in peace.  I thank you that they are covered with the blood of Jesus and that fear is not in charge of them. Bitterness and anger do not hold on to their hearts.  Peace and forgiveness reign.

I thank you that you place angels at the door and windows of their bedrooms.  I thank you that Satan cannot assault them with nightmares and fear. He cannot torment them with thoughts of unforgiveness, unworthiness, shame or self-destruction. They sleep in peace. 

I speak peace over them, in Jesus’ Name.  Peace and safety.  Thoughts of self-condemnation and shame fall to the ground in your presence.  Thoughts of self-harm are crushed by the power of your Spirit.  In peace and confidence they will rest.  I decree this in the name of Jesus, for you are present with each of my children.

Sleep and rest will be ours, and sleep and rest will be theirs.  These will not be robbed from us.  Thank you, Lord!  We will lie down and rest, in YOUR peace.  Amen!

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