Is “Tolerance” a Drug? or When is Intolerance Appropriate?

toleracne drugWhen dealing with issues of morality, right and wrong, I believe “tolerance” has become a drug that has lulled many believers into a belief that they should never stand up for what they believe for fear of appearing unloving and judgmental.

Tolerance with regards to amoral issues seems completely appropriate. Tolerance with regards to issues of morality that are based upon the absolute truth of God’s word seems completely inappropriate.

Appropriate intolerance drives us to stand up for the widows and orphans in an effort to see that they get justice. Appropriate intolerance drives us to stand up for the rights of the unborn. Appropriate intolerance drives us to stand up for truth and integrity in the workplace. Appropriate intolerance drives us to parent in such a way they we raise our children to know the real difference between right and wrong.

I think I’m just crazy enough to believe that an appropriate intolerance of what is wrong and expressing unconditional, agape love towards “unsaved sinners” are not mutually exclusive. As a parent, I have to live in this tension all the time. As a Christian living in a non-Christian world, I also live with this tension all the time.

I will not let the drug of “tolerance” cloud my thinking.  Right and wrong do exist.  And I am not obligated to let others, intolerant of my biblical worldview, legislate their immorality on me and my family.  I will not be drugged by their double-standard of so-called “tolerance” which demands followers of Jesus to be tolerant while they blatantly do not tolerate anything Christian.  

Let’s not let “tolerance” be a drug that sears our moral conscience to the extent that we are comfortable with (or uncomfortably allow) immorality to become the norm in our society.  Let’s not let those who are intolerant of biblical morality make us feel guilty for taking a stand based upon our convictions.  If they can take a stand for immorality, can we not take a stand for biblical morality?  

(In light of responses to my recent post on “tolerance,” I am reblogging this entry I made in 2011.)

2 responses to “Is “Tolerance” a Drug? or When is Intolerance Appropriate?

  1. Both tolerance and intolerance belie an attitude of superiority, an excess of ego. Tolerance requires patronization of those you are tolerant toward, Intolerance is a hair shy of bigotry.

    Compassion and politeness is a better approach than either of these. Listen more than talking. Think long before acting.

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