Is It “Tolerant” to Legislate Immorality?

moral compassBecause all humans have some form of moral conscience existent within them, someone or some group will ultimately impose their morality upon the rest of civilization. Are Christians to just sit back and be tolerant as unsaved people with a misdirected moral compass legislate morality for us? Why is it okay for them to legislate their at-times immoral morality upon us while we are supposed to sit idly by in loving tolerance while they impose their immorality upon us?

As we sit by tolerantly buying into the “politically correct” value of some so that Christians are not misunderstood or thought poorly of, others are out aggressively working to legislate immorality (i.e. homosexuality, gay marriage, prostitution, gambling, etc.).

I worry that we have become so afraid of the unsaved thinking that we are unloving that we no longer make a public stand for what is right and what is wrong. Why were the apostles and evangelists of the NT persecuted? Because the gospel was an offense to the unsaved who did not want to repent and turn from their sin.

So this gospel of love and grace will be seen as a huge offense to many. The gospel of love and grace calls people to turn away from their sin and immorality and turn to God. Calling people to turn from their sin is the most loving thing we can do, but not all we perceive it that way.

Back to the point…ideally, people everywhere would turn from their sin and turn to Jesus. They would repent of their sin and follow God with their whole heart. However, not all do. I believe it would be irresponsible for us to sit back and not take a stand for what is right and what is wrong just because others might disagree.

Martyrs don’t become martyrs for their lack of conviction. Christian martyrs died for taking a stand and declaring that Jesus was the only way to the father. Apostles were stoned and chased out of town for calling idolatry idolatry. There is nothing wrong with taking a stand for what is right.  Doing so does not automatically mean one is unloving and inappropriately intolerant.

(In light of responses to my recent post on “tolerance,” here is another repost of an entry I did in 2011.)

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