Randy “Hypocrite” Loescher

Asked why they reject Christianity and the church, many people respond, “Hypocrites!  Christians are a bunch of hypocrites.”  Have you heard those words spoken?  Amazingly, these folks are in good company.  Listen to the words of Jesus….

“You hypocrites!” Jesus emphatically scolded the Pharisees and religious leaders.

Ouch!  “These people honor me with their lips,” Jesus continues, “but their hearts are far from me” (Mark 7:6).

Hmm.  Time to look inward.  Where is my heart?  Have I lost my first love?  Have I become lukewarm?  What do my daily actions and attitudes reflect about the degree to which I am living with Jesus as the true lord of my life–over every area?  Am I Randy “Hypocrite” Loescher?  Or am I Randy “Passionately in Love with God” Loescher?

How about you?  Which middle name best fits you?  “Hypocrite” or “Hungrily Pursuing and Following the Father”?

Lord, forgive me for being just a social Christian at times.  Forgive me for talking Christian without being an actual disciple.  May my heart overflow with love for you, and may my actions and attitudes also flow from my passionate love for you.  I pray that the word “hypocrite” would not define me.  Instead, may I be defined as one set apart as “holy unto the Lord.”  Amen.


I’m working on year two of reading through my one year Bible.  I love it!  I invite you to get one and join me in reading the daily selections.  Post your comments here.

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