I Finally Understand!

“I finally understand!”  David proclaims in Psalm 40:6.  “It’s not about sin offerings and burnt offerings. It’s about doing your will.”  Obedience is better than sacrifice.

David continues in verse 8, “I take joy in doing your will, my God, for your instructions are written on my heart.”

Joy?!  Many times we link obedience to God’s will with thoughts like “boring,” “no fun,” “too hard,” “I’m not that perfect,” “I’ll never be obedient enough,” and more.  But “joy”?!  No way!  How is this possible?

Does David reveal a key to finding joy in obedience?  “For your instructions are written on my heart.”  What if finding joy in obedience comes from yielding to what’s already written by God on our hearts rather than by trying harder to do what’s right?  Perhaps joy in obedience to God’s will comes from yielding to that which is already within us rather than striving by our own human efforts to be perfect.

Hmmm….  Could one say that the results of striving vs. surrender could be frustration vs. freedom?

Lord, I yield today to you, and to your instructions which are already written on my heart.  Help me live in obedience to what you have already placed within me.  And may I walk in the joy that comes from obedience to your will.   I surrender to your work in me.  Amen.


I’m working on year two of reading through my one year Bible.  I love it!  I invite you to get one and join me in reading the daily selections.  Post your comments here.

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2 responses to “I Finally Understand!

  1. thanks – i am also learning to wallk with the Father daily. thanks for the word. the struggle comes when I run ahead too quickly and then realise that hey … I’m lost… then I cry out- Where are you God! Then I can see Him smiling and saying , yes, I’m right behind you!
    Thanks Randy

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