Word for Someone Dealing with Stress, Pain, Fear

compassion jesus reaching down armsSomeone is mindlessly scrolling through these updates/blogs today, trying to block out the stress, pain and fear he/she is experiencing.

Be encouraged!  God has not lost sight of you!

“Moved with compassion, Jesus reached out and touched them.”  Mark 1:41

May these words ring in your ears today: “Moved with compassion, Jesus… Moved with compassion, Jesus….”

He is reaching out to touch you today.  Receive His touch, in Jesus’ Name!  He is GOOD!  And his grace, his mercy…they are new every day…for you!

compassion of jesus arms photo

One response to “Word for Someone Dealing with Stress, Pain, Fear

  1. Thank you for this kind reminder. Sometimes when we are so sick we start to question our faith, of which I’ve done in the past, but no longer doing that. I look forward to following your blog for some more inspiration. Have a “great” day and take care.
    God Bless,

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