Praying Beatitude #3 (Meekness) Over Our Children

humility mother of giantsToday’s prayer asks God to help our children and grandchildren overcome selfishness, self-interest and self-promotion with Godlike humility and meekness.  True humility is not passive and retreating.  Meekness empowers individuals with a quiet confidence that allows them to trust God in all things and stand up for what is right regardless of who is watching and who is pressuring.  So let’s pray…

5 God blesses those who are humble (meek), for they will inherit the whole earth.

Now Father, I pray that the lives of my children and grandchildren would be exemplified by humility and meekness.  May they be loving, gentle and kind.  May they lay aside selfishness and self-promotion in order to bless and encourage others.  May they replace attention-seeking for God-seeking. 

May they brag not about themselves, but about you and what you are doing in their lives.  Rather than pursuing their own self-interest, help them to honor and prefer others above themselves.  

Help them to remain always teachable, fearing you and pursuing your divine wisdom and understanding.

May their dependence be upon you rather than upon their own strength and resources.  May they trust in your sovereignty, goodness and control. 

humility thinking of self less lewisMay they not feel the need to defend themselves, but may they allow you to be their defender.   May they walk with a quiet confidence that enables them to make principled decisions and not need everyone to like them.  

Let all preoccupation with self be laid aside, with priority being given to the advancement of your kingdom. 

I’m not praying that they be passive, shy, reserved or retreating, only that they not live a life where everything revolves around them. 

When appropriate, may their meekness be expressed through compassion.

When appropriate, let their humility be demonstrated by tough love. 

When called for, in their meekness, empower them to take a stand for justice and be the voice of defense for those who cannot speak for themselves.  May they not shrink back from injustice. 

humility concerned with what is rightWith humility, may they stand up for what is right and do what is right whether others are watching or not.  May they not shrink back from those who pressure them to compromise.  Make them strong, O Lord.  Make them strong in you!

And most of all, Father, may they humble themselves before you, making you the complete Lord of their lives.  May they allow you to be the one who lifts them up and promotes them.  May their full and complete trust be in you. 

As they walk in humility, may they also grow in favor with you and with man.  Let their reputations be good and their influence profound, in Jesus’ Name!  

Thank you, Father.  Thank you!

prayer for children humility sign

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