Practice Praise

“O God, we give glory to you all day long,

and constantly praise your name.”  Psalm 44:8

Here the Psalmist gives us a simple way to practice the presence of God all day long:  PRACTICE PRAISE!  GIVE GLORY TO GOD ALL DAY LONG.

Challenge for today:  Whether at work, driving, in class, at home, wherever…make it a point to give God glory and praise for at least one thing every 30 minutes.  And each time you catch yourself complaining or thinking about whining, PRACTICE PRAISE!



One response to “Practice Praise

  1. Worship to me is a life style. Worship to the Father is living a life of praise what i do that is the will of God, to me that is worship and honorable to the Almighty God through Christ Jesus the Lord of Lord and King of Kings.Praise GOD

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