Islam and Bible Prophecy

Some Bible prophecy teachers are now speculating that the end time, one world government will be led by the Muslim world, not some white, European western world leader.  Parallels are being made between biblical prophecy and Islamic prophecy concerning the end times.  Islam’s prophesied 12th Imam bears striking similarities to the biblical end time antichrist figure.  Their roles and objectives are almost identical.

Interestingly, the Arab world, Iran in particular, has been promoting its own Islamic prophecy teaching through a documentary called “The Coming.”  Click the link below to see the documentary with English translation.  Many in the Islamic world believe the 12th Imam is alive today and may be revealed in August of this year. Other links are included below that discuss this in further detail.  Check them out and see what you think.

The presence of these videos on my blog site is not meant to imply my endorsement of their content.  I merely place them here for the purpose of awareness and education.  Enjoy!

Joel Richardson on Islam in Bible Prophecy

Fox News’ Glen Beck on Islam’s Messiah, the 12th Imam

CBN Report on the 12th Imam

“The Coming” Documentary as Shown in Iran

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